Introducing Octopress-Chuck-Norris

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I love Chuck Norris. And most of all, I love nerdy Chuck Norris Jokes.

A few days ago, one of my colleagues sent me a link about a ChuckNorrisException and got me browsing through the web searching for more Chuck Norris developer jokes. After looking for “chuck norris” on github, I found the Internet Chuck Norris Data Base, which contains hundreds of Chuck Norris jokes separated into categories, and has a RESTful API.


I thought it would be great to have random jokes on my blog. I didn’t find any plugin in the Octopress plugins list, so I started developing one straight away.

And Octopress-Chuck-Norris was born


You can see it working in this blog on the upper right corner, and you can download it on its github page.

Isn’t it sweet?


Here are some other resources I found. Only Chuck Norris can read these at work without laughing out loud.